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Rent Instruments Online

Now you can rent your child's instrument online!

For the first time ever, Haggerty's Musicworks now offers online instrument rentals! Now there's no reason to fight the traffic and wait in line when you can now have your child's instrument shipped right to your doorstep.

Our instrument rentals are currently not nation wide. We only offer rentals to South Dakota, Wyoming and Nebraska.

Most instruments rent for just $30.00 for 90 days! Click here to browser our selection of instruments.

We have the books they need too!

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Mesa/Boogie Mark V

We are the Mesa/Boogie Mark V Experts!

With nearly an hours worth of in depth video content on the Mesa/Boogie Mark V, we pride ourselves as being the most biggest Mesa/Boogie geeks this side of Petaluma!

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Suhr Koko Boost

Take any amp over the top with the Suhr Koko Boost!

The Suhr Koko Boost is a magic tone box that adds gain, sustain, and clarity to your existing amplifier or pedal setup. Check out our video to see how it works!

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For over 30 years, Haggerty's Musicworks has provided the latest gear to the Western South Dakota region. Through our website we now open our doors to an international audience priding ourselves on customer service and an experienced sales staff.
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