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Baritone Guitars: The Down-Low on Low-Down
September 22, 2021

While guitars have been around for centuries, it wasn't until 1956 that the baritone came along. Today, there's a demand for baritone guitars but we just don't see that many of them. That's why we collaborated with Taylor Guitars to craft the 716ce, made exclusively for us! Here's what makes baritone guitars, and specifically the 716ce Taylor baritone, so special.

Baritones are tuned from B to B.
The heavy bracing and longer scale of a baritone guitar allow them to be tuned lower, creating a husky tonal register your standard acoustic can't replicate. This lower voicing sounds great on its own, behind vocals, or in a mix, filling in bass parts and chord variations seamlessly. It's also great for singing songs out of your vocal range, with no need to transpose or retune. If you'd rather play in standard tuning, simply use a 12-string capo on the fifth freth.

Songwriters, prepare to be inspired.
Baritone guitars reinvent the sound of your favorite songs to the point you feel like you're hearing them again for the first time. This can be beneficial for songwriters, provoking new riffs and melodies you might not find otherwise. The deep register also stirs emotion that translates into your writing. Try it for yourself.

We optimized the tonewoods.
Our 716ce baritone guitar has a solid Lutz Spruce top which results in a big sonic horsepower. We chose Indian Rosewood for the back and sides so it would have a strong bass response you would expect from a baritone guitar, while maintaining the shimmery highs Taylor is known for. Rare Hawaiian Koa bindings, Abalone inlays, and a Douglas Fir Herringbone Rosette complete the look. We chose the 700 series, which has most of the same features as the 800 series, at a more accessible price point, giving you the best value you can find in a baritone guitar.

You won't find it anywhere else.
We were thrilled to get this guitar approved, especially in a time when there aren't a lot of custom projects happening across the guitar industry. Make sure you get your hands on a Taylor Baritone 716 while they're here and tell us what you think.

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A special thank you to our rep, Eric, at Taylor Guitars for taking care of us and making this happen!