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Staff Picks 
March 21, 2022

We're the luckiest musicians in the world! We get to play the greatest gear from guitars to basses, drums, keyboards, amps, and everything in between. There's always something new and we all have our favorites! We asked a few of our experts to share what they've been playing lately.

Caleb - Bass Specialist
Darkglass Pedals

"The harmonic and bass response is unlike anything else I've played - with crystal clear clarity!"

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Ethan - Sales
Yamaha Custom Recording Drums

"I've always liked Yamaha drums but especially this Surf Green set. It's visually interesting, the color stands out, and it's easy to tune."

Kia - Marketing
Taylor Custom 12-Fret Grand Concert

"It's full of flair and fun to play! The Florentine cutaway adds a little extra pizazz."

Shop Taylor Custom 12-Fret Grand Concert >>


Matt - Audio Visual
Custom Ibanez Range Finder

"This is for someone who loves a challenge. Seven strings and thirty frets are going to keep you busy for a while!"

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Bailey - Admin
PRS Limited Edition Parlor

"It's so comfortable to play! The smaller size fits my hands perfectly and it sounds great."

Johnny - Sales
T-Cymbals Dancin' Devil

"I like the sizzle! The sound is jazzy, warm, and washy."

Shop T-Cymbals Dancin' Devil >>


Pat - Sales
Warwick Custom Shop Streamer

"You can't go wrong with a Masterbuilt Warwick. It's top quality and slick to play."

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Luke - Piano Specialist
Vox Continental 61-Key

"These are so much fun to gig out with. It's a Pro setup with an elaborate effects section."

Brian - Reverb Sales
Fender Brad Paisley Signature

"Who doesn't like Paisley? Plus the neck is super comfortable."

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