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Caring for a Band Instrument 101
August 8, 2021 | Students

The kids are heading back to school and many are picking up an instrument for the first time! It's an exciting transition for kids, and pretty obnoxious for parents and siblings. While we can't help you with that, we can offer up some insight on keeping an instrument in good shape and out of our luthiers' repair shop.

Wait until class starts. 
Unless you're familiar with the instrument, the teacher should be the first one to assemble it and should your child how it's played. Otherwise, you run a high risk of damaging it before it ever sees a classroom.

Teach them to be gentle. 
Kids are hard on things, so remind them to be gentle! It's a best-practice to put the instrument back in the case when it's not being played, as we see instruments that have been stepped on or sat on far too often.

Get a care kit. 
A little maintenance after each use goes a long way. Our Superslick Care Kits come with all the brushes and oils you'll need to keep the instrument sounding great.

Use reed savers. 
Squeaky woodwinds are often the result of a bent reed. A 
reed saver helps them dry flat so they last longer. It's best to rotate between four reeds so each has time to fully dry out and become stable.

Don't use the case for storage. 
Kids often stash music books, jackets, etc., in their cases so they don't have to carry them. However, this actually bends the keys, so the case should only store the instrument.