Bass Drum Beater Pad Vinyl – Single vinyl pad mounts to bass drum head– Reinforces impact zone (4/pack)
Mylar pad with metal disk gives punch to bass drum mounts to head with adhesive Made in Taiwan
Gibraltar SCHHRS Hi Hat Rod Metric from Haggertys Music New
Gibraltar SCHHRS Hi Hat Rod Metric – Replacement hi-hat pull rod– 23″ long, 6.5 mm diametrer– Metric m6 threads– Thread...
Country of Origin: Taiwan, Province Of China The package length is 14.732 centimeters The package height is 0.508 centimeters The...
SC-4C tension rods are 1-5/8 inches in length and fit snare drums and small to medium size toms. · Works...
Gibraltar 14" 20 Strand Snare Wire New
14" Brass snare wires - 20 strand. 20-Strand Strainer for 14" Snare Drum The Gibraltar 20-strand Strainer is designed to...
Gibraltar Nylon Snare Strips New
Nylon Snare Strip (4pk) Package Dimensions: 9.398 H x 1.016 L x 8.89 W (centimetres) Package Weight: 0.018 kilograms Country...
Gibraltar 13" 16 Strand Snare Wire New
Pro quality strainer 13" 16 Strand Snare Wire Reference Guide Inches - This designates the diameter drum the snare is...
Gibraltar 14" 16 Strand Snare Wire New
Sharp, Bright 14" Snare Wire Set Like their namesake, Gibraltar products are known for their solid reliability. They stand the...
Gibraltar 14" 42 Strand Snare Wire New
Fits most snares. For jazz, rock, and concert applications. Gibraltar Designed this 42-strand of snare wires to fit many Manufacturer's...
Hi Hat Seat – Fits Gibraltar and most professional hi hat stands– Works with 3/4″ and 1″ diameter tubes