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Help! My Kid Won't Practice
August 20, 2021

When you're trying to foster a love for music in your child, rewards and punishment just don't work. At least, not for long. After all, it's hard for any of us to get excited about something we're told to do. Here's how to really keep your kid motivated to play music.

Put them in control.
It can be helpful for your child to have input on their practice schedule. Maybe they choose whether they practice in the morning before school or after, and how often.

Let them out of a chore. 
When you're cleaning up after dinner, try letting them choose between dishes or practicing music. After a few nights, they'll be begging to practice when it's time to clean up.

Don't mandate the duration. 
Who's to say 10 productive minutes aren't better than 40 forced minutes, begrudgingly tamping on the keys? Forcing a set amount of time can make practice feel like something to be endured instead of enjoyed.

Help them engage. 
Don't be afraid to sit down with them, be part of the process, and even play along sometimes. It also doesn't hurt to play 
something fun occasionally instead of their weekly lessons if it helps keep them interested.

Don't overextend them. 
When your kid is involved in soccer, and dance, and every other activity offered to them, it's hard to really connect with anything. In this case, less is more.

Be their cheerleader. 
Let your child know you're their biggest fan, especially early on when they're feeling discouraged. Don't forget to celebrate their accomplishments!