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Guitar Lessons


Dave Kramer


Telephone: (605) 716 - 1590


What instruments do you teach?

Acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar and some keyboard.

What styles of music do you enjoy teaching and playing?

Many: Christian, Rock, Blues, Country and some Jazz.

How long have you taught music?

Since 1980 and still learning.

What are your qualifications and experience?

Great influence from high school band director, parents, family and home town priest. Years of playing music with great musicians. On the job (performance) training.

What do you enjoy the most about giving lessons
Hearing and seeing students progress and making new friendships.

Wes Wooley


Telephone: 605-381-7264

Hello!   I am excited to offer guitar lessons at Haggerty’s Musicworks, Rapid City, SD.

My journey playing  guitar began at the age of six.  We travelled quite a bit growing up and I was fortunate enough to receive guitar lessons wherever we lived.  This proved to be the foundation of my love for music.

The guitar is a fun instrument, and there is nothing like being able to play your favorite songs – whether it’s a new hit on the radio, or an old classic! 

Bluegrass, Country, Rock and a bit of Folk music make up my playlists, and I would enjoy sharing everything that I have learned to help you enjoy becoming the guitar player you wish to be.

If you have always wanted to play the guitar, there is no better time than now!

Wes Wooley

Dan Goldfus


Telephone: 605-584-9986


For the last five years I have enjoyed the Black Hills as our summer home. Northern California was home for many years where I taught and played guitar gigs throughout the beautiful wine country. Now as a permanent resident here I look forward to meeting new guitar students and am eager to help them learn.

The guitar is a wonderfully versatile instrument and I have played and taught many different styles including rock, folk, jazz, blues, celtic, and classical. I have performed in different bands and done numerous solo gigs. I play both finger-style and with a pick. 

My guitar teaching has included students of all ages and skill levels. Especially for the beginning student, I think patience and persistence are two of the most important elements to bring to lessons. 

Most rewarding for me is when I can teach to the students’ musical interests. I enjoy teaching chords, note and tablature reading, lead guitar, fingerpicking, improvising and music theory.

Marc Packard

Bass, Guitar, Voice, Introductory Piano, Music Theory & Composition.

Telephone: 605-519-4913


Marc is an alumni of The Berklee College of Music and The Cincinnati Conservatory of Music.

He has had a 30 year globe-spanning professional performing and recording career, and brings this world class training and vast experience as a professional musician to the private lesson setting. 

Marc is able to tailor an approach to music for each individual student, no matter where they are on their musical journey, that ensures a fuller understanding of the fundamentals of music, which in turn, vastly increases the enjoyment of the whole process of studying music.