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Instrument Repair

Stringed Instrument Repair

Guitars, violins, banjos... anything with strings can be fixed, repaired, set up, and brought back to life by our string repairmen. Our band instrument repairmen will get your brass or woodwind back in to top playing shape. Some of our services include:

* Restrings and setups
* Nut and saddle replacements
* Pickup installation and custom electronics
* Fret dressing and complete refrets
* Neck resets
* Structural repairs
* Finish repair
* Violin sound post resets and bow re-hairing

Band Instrument Repair

Our repair Staff has over 30 years experience in all areas of instrument repair. As a warranty repair dealer for Jupiter, Yamaha, Buffet, Bach, Azumi, Powell, and Amadeus,

Let us help you get your instrument playing exactly how you want it. From Drum repair to Tuba tune-ups, we have you covered. No need for an appointment, come on by with your instrument for a free estimate.