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Music and Voice Lessons

Haggerty’s Makes it Fun and Easy to Learn to Play!

Learning to play an instrument is rewarding and offers countless benefits from lower stress to improved focus to increased academic scores. Our patient, professional musicians love to help students discover their talents and pursue their musical goals. Each of our instructors have years of experience playing, performing and teaching and are happy to work with both beginners and performance level musicians looking to hone their skills.

  • Guitar Lessons
  • Piano and Keyboard Lessons
  • Violin, Viola & Other Stringed Instrument Lessons
  • Drum Lessons
  • Trombone, Trumpet & Other Brass Instrument Lessons
  • Flute, Sax & Other Woodwind Lessons

Our Vocal Instructors Can Take You to the Next Level!

Our professional vocal instructors teach classical vocal methods, while also focusing on vocal style.

If you or your child want to be a better singer we offer 

  • Rock Music Vocal Instruction
  • Pop Music Vocal Instruction
  • Country Music Vocal Instruction
  • Jazz Music Vocal Instruction
  • Gospel Music Vocal Instruction
  • Theatre Vocal Instruction
  • Opera Vocal Instruction

Haggerty's will pair you with the right voice teacher for you. They'll train you to do physical exercises to improve your vocal range, ear training, breathing exercises to improve tone production, enunciation and vibrato. You will set goals with the teacher and work together to achieve them.