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D'Addario PWCP14 NS Artist DADGAD Capo




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Need to play in DADGAD tuning, but don't want to retune between songs? For buzz-free, properly intonated capoed performance, look no further than the D'Addario Planet Waves Ned Steinberger (NS) DADGAD Capo. You'll get clear, resonant notes everywhere on the fretboard — without excessive down-pressure — thanks to the built-in micrometer adjustment mechanism and patented trigger geometry. That means less retuning during and after capo use — something Sweetwater guitarists love! The NS DADGAD Capo also virtually eliminates the interval variations caused by lateral string-pulling. It comes with a mounting bracket for the NS Mini/Micro Tuner, features a soft rubber pad that won't mar fine finishes, and is made from lightweight, strong aluminum — so it's tour tough but light enough to hardly know it's there.