Bach Trombone Mouthpiece 6.5AL


Bach Trombone Mouthpiece 6.5AL

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Small shank mouthpiece. Perhaps the most popular medium-large mouthpiece for trombone or euphonium. Identical rim and cup to the 6.5A, but with a slightly larger 420 backbore and "G" throat than the small shank 6-1/2A.
•  25.40mm diameter rim
•  Medium-deep cup
•  Medium-wide, well rounded rim shape.
•  0.261" throat
•  420 backbore

Bore size comparisons:
Bach 6.5A Small Shank = 0.2283"
Bach 6.5AL Small Shank = 0.261"
Bach 6.5AL Large Shank = 0.261"
Bach 6.5A Large Shank = 0.276

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