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CAD Audio Acousti-Shield 22

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CAD Audio Acousti-Shield 22

The Acousti-shield AS22 is constructed from a high quality
16 gauge perforated stainless steel shield mated to 53mm
high density micro cell acoustic foam, resulting in a dry
recording environment.
The Acousti-shield AS22 reduces reflections, echo and
attenuates unwanted environmental acoustic interference.
Innovative foldable design allows for portability and
positioning flexibility.


The Acousti-shield AS22 was developed as an effective accessory
for the home recording professional. When effectively utilized, it
can substantially reduce unwanted reflections, echo flutter and
unwanted environmental acoustic interference. The Acousti-shield
AS22 is constructed from high quality stainless steel and high density
micro cell acoustic foam. The Acousti-shield AS22 is supplied with
mounting hardware that adapts to most microphones for easy, flexible
placement. The Acousti-shield AS22 is an essential tool for enhanced
performance and a vital accessory for the professional musician.

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