Diamond Fireburst Distortion
Diamond FBR2 Fireburst Pedal from Haggertys Music
Diamond FBR2 Fireburst Pedal
Diamond FBR2 Fireburst Pedal
Diamond FBR2 Fireburst Pedal
Diamond FBR2 Fireburst Pedal
Diamond FBR2 Fireburst Pedal
Diamond FBR2 Fireburst Pedal

Diamond Fireburst Distortion

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Diamond Fireburst Distortion

Thick saturated fuzz/distortion with amazing amounts of low-end – the Fireburst, now in a new, smaller footprint with top mounted jacks to maximize your pedalboard real estate.

To add to its utility, we put in a unique, switchable mid-boost eq and pre/post gain circuit that turns the Fireburst from a thick fuzz into a tightly focused, high gain distortion pedal. The fuzz and distortion gain and mid-boost eq circuits are all discrete components, while we use an audiophile grade opamp for active Baxandall Bass/Treble EQ controls. The Bass and Treble controls act independently at extended frequency extremes (<150 Hz and > 3 kHz), allowing for some very powerful post-distortion tonal shaping. Massive amounts of gain are available but thanks to the high quality components and design, the Fireburst is an incredibly low noise pedal.

Easily dial in a fat, massively saturated fuzz, a solid rhythm crunch, a heavy, scooped mid distortion or a smooth, singing lead tone. You’ll find all of those tones and more inside this little red box of high gain goodness!

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Whenever I go into Haggerty's the service is always top notch. Every employee will take the time to make sure you find what you are looking for and answer any questions you may have. 5/5 stars

Michael Magbuhat
Rapid City, SD

Absolutely Disneyland for guitar and music lovers! The staff is insanely knowledgeable and very friendly, and the product selection is 2nd to none. Their diverse and rare lineup of Taylor guitars is one of the best in the nation for sure. I have been a customer of theirs for over 4 years now, commercially and privately, and it has been nothing but the best experience every time. Highly recommended!

Colin Higgins
Idaho Falls, ID


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