DW DWCP3500T Two-Legged Hi Hat Stand


DW DWCP3500T Two-Legged Hi Hat Stand

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DW Hardware: DWCP3500T - Hi Hat Stand - 2 Legs

DW 3000 Series 2-Legged Hi-Hat Stand
DW 3000 Series Hi-Hat Stands are loaded with serious features. Both the 3-legged and 2-legged models sport Hinged Memory Locks for precise height setting, and a Folding Footboard for easy collapsing at the end of the gig. The Lateral Cymbal Seat is a first in hi-hat design, allowing quick and easy adjustment of the bottom cymbal angle. The Locking Clutch allows you to dial in the “sloshyness” level, and lock it in place. The Swivel Legs allow easy positioning of bass drum pedals and other stands around the hi-hat stand. And of course, 3000 Series Hi-Hat Stands deliver the heavy-duty construction, fast action and quick response that made DW Hi-Hat Stands famous.

DW: The Drummer’s Choice.
  • Folding Footboard (U.S. Patent Nos. 5105706 & 6822150 B1)
  • Hinged Memory Locks
  • Lateral Cymbal Seat (U.S. Patent No. 6570075 B1)
  • Locking Clutch
  • Swivel Legs

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