DW Standard 2-Way Kick Drum Beater


DW Standard 2-Way Kick Drum Beater

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Often overlooked, a critical component of pedal feel is beater weight. A lighter beater offers a quick, fast response, but sacrifices power. A heavier beater requires more force, but offers more punch and power. For most players the standard DWSM101 is a happy medium, weighing in at 105 grams. If used, the adjustable shaft weight (15 grams) will give it a little more power and throw. There is no right or wrong, only what feels right for you. We offer a range of varied weights and styles of beaters, including a completely adjustable Control Beater (DWSM110 and DWSM110XL) which features (4) removable weights.

  • A versatile and durable beater that fits all DW bass drum pedals.
  • Plastic side offers increased attack.
  • Felt side offers more traditional sound and feel.


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