Electro-Voice 376 Windscreen/Pop Filter


Electro-Voice 376 Windscreen/Pop Filter

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The Electro-Voice model 376 windscreen has been developed for use with the Electro-Voice 'ball type' microphones. These include (but are not limited to) the DS35, 1776A, 1777A, 671A, PL95, PL77A, PL76A, PL80, and PL91A. In addition the 376 can be used on the RE11, RE16 and PL11 as a pop filter. Full windscreen protection of the last three microphones would require the slotted tube to also be covered.

The model 376 windscreen is fabricated of AcoustifoamTM, a material specifically developed for this use. Unique open-cell Acoustifoam material adds additional protection against dust, magnetic particles, moisture, etc., while also performing its primary function of screening out wind noise and annoying p-pops.

There is minimal signal attenuation caused by using the model 376, and it is only noticeable above 10 kHz. the directional characteristics of the microphones are unaffected.

  • Protects element from dust, moisture, magnetic particles, etc.
  • Prevents "P-popping"
  • Does NOT affect directional characteristics of microphones

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