Hodge Silk French Horn Swab

Hodge Silk French Horn Swab

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Hodge silk french horn swabs are intended to be used after each playing session to clean out the lead pipe and tuning slide so no build-up occurs. The ball chain weight slips around the curves of the french horn with ease. This swab fits all horns with a pre-valve main tuning slide.

Brass instruments need swabbing out as frequently as a woodwind instrument. If the lead pipe is not swabbed out, lime scale and other green crud from saliva, food, and chemicals build up on the walls of the pipe. This in turn causes a chemical reaction which begins to eat away at the metal. Pock marks begin to form and will eventually destroy the metal. Additionally, the build-up causes the diameter of the tubing to narrow and the sound quality will deteriorate and playing will begin to be impaired. The traditional bath given to brass instruments by conscientious owners cleans much of this out and brings the instrument back to its original playing condition provided it is done often enough. This is a big job however, and many players neglect it for too long. Swabbing after each playing session will take care of all these problems and make it so the bath does not need to be done as often. The other tubes throughout the instruments will need to be given a bath eventually but it is not as critical since they are farther along in the tubing and don’t accumulate as much build-up.

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