Hohner Blues Band Key of C Harmonica


Hohner Blues Band Key of C Harmonica

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Blues is an incredibly versatile and eclectic genre. There’s different styles throughout the US, the UK has its own blues scene, and Irish folk has bluesy influences as well – or does blues have Irish influences? Whichever came first, blues is known and loved around the globe. With the Blues Band, you can join the fun, play along to your favorites, or jam with friends. It’s the perfect first blues harmonica for a small budget.

Reed plates (material, thickness):brass, 0.9 mm

Reed plates (surface):brass

Reeds (number, material):20, brass

Comb (material, color):ABS, black

Comb (finish):ABS

Mouthpiece (surface):ABS

Cover plates:stainless steel

Keys:C, A, G



Number of holes:10

Tonal range:3 octaves

Length:10 cm / 4.1”

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