Oasis Ukulele Humidifer OH-18


Oasis Ukulele Humidifer OH-18

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Proper protection for your investment and responsible care for your instrument.

Fred Kamaka Jr. of Kamaka Ukulele met with Oasis Humidifiers, who are endorsed by Taylor Guitars, to make it clear that they needed to come up with a humidifier specifically designed for the ukulele. In response, they developed the OH-18 ukulele humidifier. It is the same size as the OH-1 humidifier for guitars, but has a special hanger which allows the humidifier to hang at an angle from the strings inside the ukulele soundhole. Because the ukulele is a smaller instrument, it needs less supplemental humidification than a guitar. The humidity reduction was accomplished by modifying the liner for the OH-18 ukulele humidifier. 

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