Rapco Horizon ISOBLOX Signal Isolation

Rapco Horizon ISOBLOX Signal Isolation

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Isolate your signal from unwanted noise

Trust the RapcoHorizon ISOBLOX to maintain your signal's integrity over long runs of cable. The ISOBLOX offers 600 Ohm, 1 to 1 isolation. This allows your signal and ground to be isolated from one another.

Portable and Durable

The ISOBLOX is small enough to keep in your back pocket for when the need arises. Throw a few in your toolbox and know that you can count on this rugged problem solver to keep your stage quiet.

  • BLOX series 1 to 1, 600 ohm inline isolation
  • Retains 600 ohm load and source impedance
  • XLR female input and XLR male output
  • Black powdercoated aluminum chassis
  • Hand soldered connectors

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