Strymon Orbit dBucket Flanger Pedal


Strymon Orbit dBucket Flanger Pedal

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Beyond Your Classic Flange.

With the Orbit dBucket Flanger, Strymon painstakingly recreated every aspect of some of the greatest vintage analog flangers. To go beyond that, They have also added features such as through zero flanging to take you where few have ever ventured before.

Strymon's high performance DSP is dedicated entirely to doing one thing and one thing only, delivering the ultimate flanger. Add true bypass, extensive expression pedal control, a favorite preset, super high quality analog front end and output sections, low power consumption and you’ll never want to let go of your Orbit.


  • Hand crafted dBucket Algorithm for highly accurate reproduction of every stage of an analog bucket brigade chip
  • 3 flanger
  • Feedback Types: Positive, Negative, Positive/Negative
  • 3 flanger
  • LFO Types: Log, Lin, Through Zero
  • Mix control
  •  for dialing in the intensity of your flange sounds
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