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Telex ALP-450 Log Periodic Antenna

Telex ALP-450 Log Periodic Antenna

Intended for Telex wireless systems, the ALP-450 directional Log Periodic antenna covers 450-900 MHz. Unique forward coverage pattern increases signal gain up to 5 dB. Supplied with mounting hardware for wall or mic stand, and 10-feet of low loss coaxial cable.

  • Wide frequency range (450 - 900 MHz) easily handles UHF frequencies
  • High gain (4.6 dB) provides clear, strong signals at greater distances than standard 1/2 wave “whip” antennas
  • 120° directional pattern reception reduces interference from unwanted signals
  • High-quality TNC connectors ensure consistent impedance across the entire frequency range
  • Includes 10' coax cable
  • Includes universal, A wall, B mic stand, and C mast clamp mounting hardware
  • Measures 91/2" L x 11" H