The Student’s Guide to THE DRUM SET book - G.W.

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The Student’s Guide to THE DRUM SET book - G.W. "Sandy" Schaefer

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BEGINNER - INTERMEDATE by G.W. "Sandy" Schaefer

"This book was written to fill what I believe is a gap in the available drum set method market, a basic text that will cover jazz. rock, Latin, big band, solos, and fills. As a studio teacher, I designed this book to be the one book a student needs to get a firm foundation in drum set fundamentals. Once a student has learned this material he/she may then progress on to the many excellent books written about singular styles.

The goal of this text is to give students the technique to "play what they hear in their head" without stumbling because they lack the proper techniques. Most of the exercises are arranged according to coordination and motion problems thereby providing a logical progression of technical development."


Table of Contents includes 

  • Jazz Independence
  • Rock Beats
  • Latin Rhythms
  • Chops, Fills & Solos


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