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Aquila Alabastro Classical Guitar Strings Superior Tension

Aquila Alabastro Classical Guitar Strings Superior Tension

Until mid-20th century, the three treble strings of the guitar were almost exclusively made with gut, a material that had been used for a thousand years and that combines good promptness of attack and excellent acoustic performances, substantially different, therefore, from that of normal Nylon?.

The timbre of gut has always been a constant point of reference for violin makers, composers and performers until the recent past. The development of a new synthetic product ? both as a monofilament and a multifilament for the basses ? that had the same acoustic characteristics as gut ? but not its typical defects, such as high cost, low durability and high instability to climate changes ? has always been a fundamental point of our research work.

Nylgut? finally represents the point of arrival, allowing the rediscovery of the sounds that were familiar to the great masters of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, as well as presenting an excellent intonation stability, higher than that of the best Nylon? strings.