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Diamond Fireburst Distortion - Floor Model

Diamond Fireburst Distortion

Thick saturated fuzz/distortion with amazing amounts of low-end ? the Fireburst, now in a new, smaller footprint with top mounted jacks to maximize your pedalboard real estate.
To add to its utility, we put in a unique, switchable mid-boost eq and pre/post gain circuit that turns the Fireburst from a thick fuzz into a tightly focused, high gain distortion pedal. The fuzz and distortion gain and mid-boost eq circuits are all discrete components, while we use an audiophile grade opamp for active Baxandall Bass/Treble EQ controls. The Bass and Treble controls act independently at extended frequency extremes ( 3 kHz), allowing for some very powerful post-distortion tonal shaping. Massive amounts of gain are?available but thanks to the high quality?components and design, the Fireburst is an incredibly low noise pedal.
Easily dial in a fat, massively saturated fuzz, a solid?rhythm crunch, a heavy, scooped mid distortion or a smooth, singing lead tone. You?ll find all of those tones and more?inside this little red box of high gain goodness!