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Gator Frameworks Universal tablet clamping mount w/ 2-point system (GFW-TABLET1000)

Gator Frameworks Tablet and Smartphone Mount

Need sheet music or a teleprompter on the go? The GFW-TABLET 1000 easily mounts your Tablet or Smartphone to any standard microphone stand using the threaded adapter. Or attach the, included, optional clamp mount to the nearest available stand. The clamp mount will adjust up to 1.5" diameter, or 38mm.

Mounts to Standard Microphone Stands

Conveniently Mounts to Standard Microphone Stand Mounts

Optional Tube Mounting Clamp

Includes Optional Clamp for Tubing Diameters up to 1. 5/38mm

Reversible Corner System

Reversible Corners Allow for Smaller-Size Smartphones & Tablets to be Mounted


Gator Frameworks Universal Tablet Clamping Mount with 2-Point Adjustment System; (GFW-TABLET1000)

The GFW-TABLET1000 provides a simple, sturdy solution for attaching various tablets or smartphones to microphone stands, music stands, speaker stands, drum hardware, or other stands. Perfect for everything from live performances and band rehearsals to studio sessions and professional presentations. Simply mount the holder directly to standard microphone stand threads or clamp it to any stand tubing up to 1. 5"/38mm in diameter. The Soft touch knobs allow you to easily adjust and lock your device's tilt angle and screen orientation, whether portrait or landscape. While the corner grips adjust to accommodate screen sizes from 6"/152mm to 15"/381mm.

  • Universal Tablet/iPad Clamping Mount Holder with Corner Grip System
  • Fits 6"/152mm - 15"/381mm Screens (Including iPad Pro 12. 9")
  • Reversible Corners allow for Smaller-Size Smartphones & Tablets to be Mounted
  • Includes Optional Clamp for Tubing Diameters up to 1. 5"/38mm
  • Product Dimensions (Clamp Attached): 13"/330mm (L) x 8"/203mm (W) x 8"/203mm (H), Net Weight: 1. 4 lbs. /0. 64 kg Max Weight Capacity: 5 lbs. /2. 27 kg