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Cable Wrangler Bungee Chords

Cable Wrangler Bungee Chords

Cable Wrangler Extra Length Heavy Duty Bungee Balls are perfect for light or heavy-duty cable organization as well as stage and studio cable management. Use our cable management product to organize:

  • music equipment cords and cabling
  • household extension cords
  • heavy construction extension cords, air hoses, and ropes
  • IT/IS cable management
  • Christmas lights
  • Tools (hammers, portable drills, etc.)

Use with the Cable Wrangler cable management tool for unbeatable, reliable organization.

Heavy-Duty Custom Bungee Balls For Studio, Stage, Outdoor, Industrial, and Personal Use


  • Custom design is easy to use and will withstand regular wear and tear longer than competitors products
  • Utility-grade materials can withstand heavy-duty use and outdoor exposure
  • Offers effortless studio and stage cable management when used with our Cable Wrangler cable management product


  • 20 per package
  • 7 in long (1″ Ball + 6″ Bungee cord)
  • 5 mm thick
  • 1 in Ball diameter
  • Double braided Nylon wrap
  • High quality Latex core
  • UV resistant